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Contains graphic violence and medical gore.

A newer version of my most recent animation project.

Finally, a new version. At last, this project is nearing completion.

This version is a little over nine and a half minutes long. I'm expecting that the final, complete animation will be in the range of 11-12 minutes long.

No sound yet, I've tested a few scenes with sound effects, but thus far the results have not been that good. I decided that it was better to release this incomplete version without sound, than to release it with poor sound effects, which detracted from the quality.

Additions :

:bulletgreen: Around two and a half minutes of new scenes.

Changes :

:bulletgreen: The look of the captive cyborg has been updated. The face has been improved, and shows signs of age. Similar changes have been made to the body, with a few scars added, contributing to the battle-hardened look I had in mind.
:bulletgreen: The soldiers' (protagonists) appearances have also been improved.
:bulletgreen: The transition scenes within the captive's mind have been improved.
:bulletgreen: The scenes within the city have also been changed, with nicer looking buildings added. Further changes to these scenes in the next version are not unlikely.

Summary :

This animation takes place within a city previously besieged by hostile foreign forces.

Several months after the initial attack, the invading forces are beginning to withdraw from certain cities. This is taken as a sign of these cities' impending destruction, in light of earlier events.

A high ranking cyborg officer and his guards are attacked after his transport is shot down in the central area of one of these cities. He flees to a bunker, where, after a prolonged exchange of fire between his soldiers, and the protagonists, he is captured. He is then taken to a research facility a few hundred kilometres away from the city, to be interrogated, by experimental means.

This animation starts with his capture.

Concepts partially inspired by Episodes 9 and 10 of Tales from the Afternow.

I'd also like to thank the numerous horror artists on this site who have inspired some of the visuals within this animation.
VioletKite Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011
I can't get anything to show up where the animation should be :(
tabun Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
That's strange. Works just fine for me. Do you have the latest version of Flash player installed?

If all else fails, there are some still images from the animation here: [link]

Some of the older ones are a little out of date though.
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December 31, 2010
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