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Contains graphic violence

Due to the complexity of some of the scenes, this animation will run at a lower frame rate on most systems. This effect can be reduced by setting the quality to low.

This is the latest version of my ongoing animation project. It's now 7 minutes and 31 seconds long. In the last 5 or 6 weeks, I've added a little over a minute and a half to this animation.

This section, the parts revolving around the two soldiers is around 80% complete. of course, this does not include the eventual addition of voices, sound, etc.


Other than a few minor fixes and adjustments, there have been no real adjustments to the earlier sections of the film.

One large change that was made though, was to the protagonists' main weapons (the sidearms are still the same). The sniper now has a rifle that resembles a sniper rifle, and the heavy infantry/shock troop now has a larger and more powerful looking assault rifle, rather than the weak/strange looking little weapon he was previously equipped with. All animations which these weapons were a part of have been updated as well, such as the shock troop's walk cycle.

To be added in future:

After this section;
The tanks on the road are dealt with, the sniper calls in an air strike.
The two soldiers and three insurgents reach the outpost in the hills.

Before this section;
Parts 1 and 2 of 7, titled "invasion" and "defeat". "Invasion" will, as the title suggests, cover the invasion of this unnamed nation by a hostile foreign military. "Defeat" will, of course focus on the eventual victory of this foreign army, and the ensuing change in strategy of the local military.

Now, the details of the animation. The events in this animation take place roughly 40 years in the future, in a city on the western coast of an unnamed nation. 18 months before the events in this animation, this nation was attacked by a hostile foreign power. The local military fought them for 11 months before the local government surrendered to the occupiers.

Many disagreed with this. The leaders of the military, along with several members of the government were strongly opposed to the idea of submitting to the occupiers.

The old governing body was replaced with a new one. One loyal to the occupiers. This new governing body consisted of those loyal to the occupiers, who were protected by the occupiers, and seen by most of the population as corrupt traitors. The members of the previous governing body unwilling to submit to the occupiers were hunted down, and executed in public. The fortunate few that managed to evade capture were protected by the military.

Few among the general population supported the occupiers either. Those that did, did so out of fear. Most opposed the occupiers in a passive manner only. However there were a few who went further, and actually resisted. There were those who would provide support and information to the local soldiers within the city, and then there were those who went even further than that. Those who actively assisted or worked alongside the soldiers in combat operations.

The occupiers punished anyone involved in such activities severely. Anyone suspected of involvement in these activities was dragged off to distant prisons in harsh climates, of which little is known about. Some died of starvation, others from torture. It's suspected that a few may have come back as cyborg infantry, unquestioning and obedient henchmen for the occupiers.

On some occasions, when rebellious citizens posed too great a problem, the area was simply destroyed. Usually with powerful and imprecise weapons. Many square kilometres bombed or shelled from afar.

The two main characters of this animation are members of the defeated local military. Later in the animation, they encounter three civilians actively involved in resistance. These three are driving around the streets in a crude armed vehicle when they meet the two soldiers.

EDIT 11/02/2009:

Future plans for this project are as follows:

Do the sound for The Ambush.
Minor adjustments to The Ambush.
Release as a three minute animation (Just The Ambush).

Commence work on new project, Interrogation, set in a vaguely similar setting...
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irthepwn Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2010  Student Digital Artist
This is cool. Animation wise, again, there are some things that could be fixed. Not too bad though. I really like what you do with the different "layers", such as the multiple buildings moving at different speeds when changing angle. A lot of it looks really smooth, and the actual animations are not too bad.

The things you should fix are some movements, and sometimes the drawings. A couple of times the people look disproportionate, but these are all fixable.

Overall entertaining, and a cool movie. I suggest music too, unless there's sound and my speakers are broken. :D

Good job!
tabun Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2010  Hobbyist Filmographer
I agree with what you have to say about the drawings. I'm not too happy with how the characters look in this one. In the end I decided to just start another animation, rather than continue to try to fix this one. From memory, the sniper would have been on her fourth version when this was submitted.

I am happy with how most of the movements turned out, and I am pleased that you noticed.

This is a dead project now. I never did bother doing any proper work on the sound for this one. I had thought about polishing/fixing the first part, and doing sound, but most of the time I've spent on artistic projects lately has been concentrated on Interrogation.
irthepwn Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Ah, I see. Still, it was a good effort. And it was probably a good learning experience.
tabun Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2010  Hobbyist Filmographer
It was definitely a good learning experience.
Xerces Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
This deviation has been featured in my journal. Please let me know if you would like it removed. Find it here--> [link]
tabun Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2009  Hobbyist Filmographer
Thanks so much for that. I'm very happy to see a piece of my own work featured by an artist I respect.
Xerces Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
you're very welcome :hug:
Xerces Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
Crikey charlie, this is epic! so long and so much animation and detail to deal with- you've done a fine job with the length of it for starters- and i do love the animated gore! a great story to follow- and i feel myself being quite drawn it! kick ass work- i love it :-)
Asher-Bee Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
woww!! i'm digging the changes. i'd put a little more movement into her hair when she's on the ground peaking out and it never hurts to add a few eye blinks. when she's driving, i kind of forget where the other girl and guy are sitting so maybe a few eye movements signalling that she's talking to the person next to her.
Crevist Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2008  Student General Artist
Pretty good attempt so far in your flash. I really can't judge this harshly cause I haven't created anything full length yet.

Some parts were a little off cause there was no sounds or talking. The overall feeling of the animation was a little flat(needs shading added to the characters buildings). You can also prevent this by adding perspective to your stuff. the zooming seems a little off but you can easily correct that with this V-cam [link]

You can always make a storyboard to plan out your scenes and such( example:[link] ) this will help you better plan out what happens next though you can do that as well in flash or another program if your more comfortable.

I have examples in my scraps

allot of films and tv shows follow this sort of order(idk some technical terms for given) . . .

1. opening scene - usually an overhead view of the place give the viewer a sense of where everything is taking place. For example allot of the lord of the rings movies.

2.starting content- usually filled with an introduction(explaining when your stuff is taking place ex:narrator) to set the mood or soon to be action on the streets then soon after going through the dialog there to inform the viewer as soon as they get to there base of operations.

3. The Climax - Generally the main focal point where the character who faces the main issues(in your case could be an epic battle or fighting a boss or even both) could even be finding out startling news.

4. Conclusion - this could be soon after the battle or even after back at the base.
-Some movies have the ending pan out back to an overhead view of the scene.
-Others add a strange twist at the end
-walking into the sunset(mostly western movies)
-lots of horror movies hint a another movie coming out by having a hand moving after the main character kills something
-could have someone in the next scene soon after plotting something all mysteriously.

Tutorials/more advice

-if you are serious about working with flash I would recommend getting a tablet its much easier than using the mouse.

-idk if you can draw better due to a small gallery/mouse but artist generally always look to improve so here a list to look over to what you need.

perspective/landscape references

flash tutorials/references
tabun Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2008  Hobbyist Filmographer
First of all...Thanks for the feedback.

Anyway, onto what you have to say...

1/2 : This started as an experiment, and ended as something that took up a load of my time when not studying. If anything, it became a way to try out new things in flash.

3 : Initially, the whole climax was supposed to be when the sniper realised that the city was about to be bombed....But then I wasted a heap of time on their escape...

4 : This was planned, never got around to making, probably never will.

The other stuff : Firstly, I have a tablet, this was not done with a mouse. (Though it was done without any reference images). The reason you may have thought otherwise is that...Well...Let's just say I'm a much better chemist than I am an artist...

I have other things I plan to work on in the future. These later projects, I'm hoping will be free of the numerous flaws in this current project. For a start, I'm planning them beforehand.

I'll probably look at your links a little later on, as I don't plan on doing any more animation until december.

In all honesty, I doubt I'll be browsing through too many tutorials any time soon. Most of the stuff I've learned in flash has been from messing about with it in these last five years. It's more fun that way, and that's why I do this...For fun. If I wanted to become a professional animator, I wouldn't be studying science.
MichaelMathews Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2008
This is the first time I have gotten around to looking at this longer version- had earlier looked at and commented on the shorter one. Watching this now I'm impressed by your knowledge of flash- the special effects like the targeting system, fading between scenes- semi transparent engine flames, symbols within symbols- the rotating lights on the cyborgs pack were a very nice touch.
How did you come to learn flash anyway?
was there any particular site or book you referred to?

also, again, get a hold of a midi keyboard or a friend who plays one- get them to get some atmospheric music here- could be awesome- and some sound effects- I dont necessarily think you need to record voice actors for this one. Music and sound effects would bring you far. I bet you'll get a few screenings with just that much- next project you could consider storyboarding, then making an animatic of yourself reciting the audio, then record audio to that timing, then animate- thats the sources and books I've be exposed to seem to suggest. It would seem rather like starting a new project to record actors now and then adding to the animation anyway- and I recon the voices you cast affect the way you want the characters to look in the end.

I've 1min 38 secs down of my project now -
still awhile to go-
tabun Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2008  Hobbyist Filmographer
First, I should say that your project seems to be coming along well. At some point you might want to consider applying to the film/animation gallery on dA.

Anyway, you asked about how I came to learn flash...

I first started using flash in early 2003, in a year 9 computing class. I've been doing a little here and a little there ever since. I got back into flash animation in mid 2007, when, with a graphics tablet I decided to create something based on a lot of my old ideas for a science fiction/war film (this current project).

Aside from little things I picked up when I was in school, my knowledge of flash comes largely from my own experimentation, while the setup and "rigging" of the characters is adapted from some of the techniques I used in some simple 3d animation I did a while back. I have no real training in digital art, I don't study it either (I'm actually a chemistry student...). It's just something I do when not busy with my studies and other things.

It's probably not noticeable, but there are a few scenes that were done to test certain techniques, which were later refined. For example, the scene in which the view move across, to show the sniper standing in a doorway, looking out of the hole in the building was my first attempt at creating perspective.

As for other projects, I have a couple of smaller films in mind, set in a similar environment. These two will be scripted, and storyboarded. That way they won't end up being much longer than I anticipated, and still not finished... I plan on getting sound/voices for these later projects, and I'm sure there's someone on one the sites I frequent who'd be willing to do some music for them.
MichaelMathews Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2008
when i say record audio to that timing- i mean get voice actors then.
Realityendshere Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008
good god. you did spend a long time on this. well done. I'm very impressed with the length of this as well as your use of limited angles. I realize it's far to late now but if you ever do this again I'd suggest making it shorter and putting that energy into quality. (better character images. more angles. stuff like blinking eyes or moving mouths.)
tabun Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008  Hobbyist Filmographer
It's not too late, after all this is a work in progress. I do plan on adding sound eventually, along with voices, etc.

I'm not happy with the way the characters look either, I've been meaning to redraw them for a while. One upside of the way I've set the animation out is that it's quite feasible to redo a character's appearance, and simply replace all instances of the old one with the new one. I've done this already with the weapons, and replacing the early versions of the characters with the current versions, and plan on doing it again.

As for the length, it's already a lot longer than I ever expected it to be...
Realityendshere Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008
cool. it's good that you can change things still. although sometimes it's better just to start with something new. I mean now that you've done that you know what to do and what not to. it should be easier.
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